Career Coaching


Are you:

  • Looking to return to work after a period of absence?
  • Seeking a promotion?
  • Preparing for a job interview, important meeting or presentation?
  • Transitioning to a different career?
  • Looking for career direction?
  • Wanting to maximise your performance in your current role?
  • Considering taking a break from your job?

If so, career coaching can help you to gain clarity about what you want, identify your priorities, establish the next steps and build your confidence and motivation to take them.

My one-to-one programmes can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Please contact me for details.

Find out more about whether coaching is right for you or your organisation here.


If you are planning on returning to work after a period of time, I run local workshops in Cambridge designed to help you reflect on what you want, the skills you have developed whilst you have been away from the workplace and the next steps for you.

Details of upcoming workshops and how you can sign up are posted here.