Welcome to Charlotte Andrews Coaching! I am based in Cambridge, and I work with schools, organisations and individuals, providing coaching to help them work out what’s really important to them and support and empower them to achieve it.

Find out about the services I offer:

Maternity Coaching

Are you: Considering your career options during maternity leave, or after a period away from work? Seeking a promotion, career change or a new challenge? Looking for ways to balance work life and home life that are right for you? Becoming a parent is a pivotal time and a real opportunity for transformation, both personally … Continue reading Maternity Coaching

Career Coaching

ONE-TO-ONE CAREER COACHING Are you: Looking to return to work after a period of absence? Seeking a promotion? Preparing for a job interview, important meeting or presentation? Transitioning to a different career? Looking for career direction? Wanting to maximise your performance in your current role? Considering taking a break from your job? If so, career … Continue reading Career Coaching

Personalised CPD in Schools

Schools are under ever-mounting pressures of increased workload, curriculum changes and a target and judgement based system. This can become a breeding ground for short-term choices driven by fear, which sap energy and motivation and create a culture of scarcity. Coaching can support you in achieving substantive, long term, sustainable school improvement by creating the … Continue reading Personalised CPD in Schools

Parent Coaching

ONE TO ONE PARENT COACHING Are you: Overwhelmed with well-meaning advice? Feeling like you can’t get on top of things? Struggling with your identity as a parent? Becoming a parent brings with it a great deal of advice and opinions. Aside from well-meaning friends and family, everywhere you turn, there is another expert promising that … Continue reading Parent Coaching