Personalised CPD in Schools

Schools are under ever-mounting pressures of increased workload, curriculum changes and a target and judgement based system. This can become a breeding ground for short-term choices driven by fear, which sap energy and motivation and create a culture of scarcity.

Coaching can support you in achieving substantive, long term, sustainable school improvement by creating the climate and conditions in which leaders, teachers and students can thrive, by helping you to:

  • Reconnect with your vision and what’s most important to you as a school
  • Create a culture of confidence, resilience and optimism
  • Provide personalised CPD to help teachers progress and learners achieve
  • Ensure purposeful teaching and learning which builds success
  • Support the well-being of staff and students

My programmes are flexible and can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Here are some examples of what I can offer:


Training in coaching creates a culture of CPD. I offer training for whole staff or groups of staff, covering topics such as:

An Introduction to Coaching

  • What coaching is
  • Key coaching skills: questioning, listening and feedback
  • The GROW model of coaching
  • Experience of coaching, being coached and observing coaching

Practical applications of coaching in school, such as

  • Observation feedback
  • Line management/performance management
  • More meaningful data collection
  • Teaching and learning
  • Using coaching to work with students
  • Ways of embedding coaching into school culture


I can provide one-to-one or small group coaching for teachers at every level of the school, from senior leaders, to middle managers, to NQT/RQTs.


I can provide one-to-one coaching intervention for individual students, and small or large group coaching for students to support aspects of the PHSE curriculum as well as more generally to reduce anxiety and build confidence and resilience.

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