Parent Coaching


Are you:

  • Overwhelmed with well-meaning advice?
  • Feeling like you can’t get on top of things?
  • Struggling with your identity as a parent?

Becoming a parent brings with it a great deal of advice and opinions. Aside from well-meaning friends and family, everywhere you turn, there is another expert promising that they finally have the answer that will help your child to sleep (amongst other things). Whilst information can be helpful, it is also possible for conflicting opinions, at a time when you are vulnerable (and sleep deprived), to be confusing and frustrating. As children get older, the questions change, but they are no less complex, especially in a changing world of technology and social media.

I offer parent coaching at all stages of the parenting journey to help you to be intentional about your parenting, support you as you connect with the ‘big picture’ of what you want most for your children and use this understanding to work out what’s best for you and choose the paths that are right for your family.

My one-to-one programmes can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Please contact me for details.


I work with organisations who are committed to supporting parents in the workplace, by running lunchtime parent coaching workshops. These workshops helps to build relationships with employees and sends a positive message about the workplace being family friendly, as well as supporting employees to balance work and home life: ensuring staff well being at home will always have a positive impact on performance at work.

My workshops are bespoke and created based on your requirements. Examples of topic areas that can be covered are: balancing work and family life; time management; raising children with goals; communication; confidence; resilience; discipline; toddlers; teenagers and more…

What parents say about the workshops:

“Charlotte’s presentation style is excellent.  She is down to earth, open, realistic and engaging.”

“It was concise and relevant, gave good strategies and the chance to interact and discuss the issues with other parents.”

“The practical exercises during the session were enlightening.”

Find out more about whether coaching is right for you or your organisation here.